The Internet Camperdown Program will require you to complete repetitive speaking tasks that may at times seem monotonous or boring. However, those tasks are an important as they are needed to reinforce the new skills you will be learning. You are encouraged to persist and complete each of the practice tasks.

Supportive practice partners

The right person can help you to practise your speech tasks and encourage and motivate you as you work through the program. This person might be your spouse or partner, a relative, or a close friend. It is important that you feel comfortable with this person. It is also a good idea to choose someone with whom you talk to regularly.

Daily practice

You will be provided with ideas and suggestions for daily speech practice tasks. It can help to commit to a regular time each day to do this daily practice. Some people find it helpful to write down their practice plan in a diary or on a post-it note, and to leave it in a prominent place as a reminder to do it every day. There will be many more suggestions provided for you throughout the program.