Before beginning the program it is important to read the following information.

Time commitment

To obtain the maximum benefit from the Internet Camperdown Program, it is recommended that you log in at least once a week. At the beginning of each section of the program you will be told the approximate time commitment needed for that section. Make sure you have enough available time before starting, otherwise we suggest that you return later when you have more time.


It helps to have the support of a family member or close friend who knows you are doing this program. Try to find a person with whom you feel comfortable talking and who will encourage you to log into the program and help you with your speech practice regularly.

Why now?

Think about why you are interested in starting the program at this time. Has a particular event prompted this? Do you think that reducing your stuttering might help you to be promoted at work? Do you want to reduce your stuttering so you can give a speech at a special event? Such reasons can be motivating; however you need to be realistic and consider whether you have the time to commit to the program right now.

Change over time

You are unlikely to notice your stuttering changing immediately. Change tends to happen gradually and for most people over a period of time. It may take several weeks, and possibly longer, before you start to see improvements in your speech during your everyday talking.

Please note

This internet version of the Camperdown Program is currently undergoing evaluation so it is not known how well it will help you to control your stuttering. However, the concepts are based on research that has shown reduced stuttering in a standard speech pathology clinic.